I had thought that after the Government s Independent Scientific…

October 22, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I had thought that after the Government’s Independent Scientific Groups report in June, that call for a Badger Cull had been put to bed once and for all. I expected the NFU to have their normal whinge, to try to show that they are an effective force in UK Farming. They haven’t been that for a few years now. Their membership mainly comes from a large number of people who insure with them.

Today’s announcement by Sir David King the Government’s Chief Scientist, that Badgers should be killed to stop the spread of TB in Cattle, is not based on any new scientific evidence, just the five so called well respected experts, accessing the the Independent Report that a Badger Cull would need to be extensive, that would cause it to be an over expensive option, with no guarantees that it would stop the spread of Bovine TB. The immediate areas of a Cull showed a drop in the incidents of the disease, but it moved the disease to adjoining areas. It seems very much like that our Chief Scientist is being nobbled. And what else do you reckon that he has suggested. Any Culls should be in areas ringed by Motorways, this would stop any Badgers from escaping the Culling areas. It would be a good idea if the Government advertised for a new Chief Scientist.

Professor John Bourne the Author of the Independent Scientific Groups report himself seems to agree, going by the report that I have read. Quote, Professor John Bourne, author of the ISG report, said Sir David’s recommendations were not consistent with the scientific findings of his report but were “consistent with the political need to do something about it”. Make you wonder, I would say.

Cattle based controls that need for Cattle to be tested for Bovine TB before any movement, are reducing the incidents of the disease, after the short time that it has been in force. That should continue to see if it does make significant improvement, before any Cull is considered. That is if any one has a right to decimate our wildlife for a few shillings.

Diary farming in the UK is in decline, and will become more so with the UK Supermarket importing more of their milk from Europe and beyond. The biggest decline was when in the 1990’s large numbers of Dairy farmers took massive Government subsidies to stop producing milk. Nothing to do with TB, that they did very well out off, by the payments that they received for TB infected cattle, far in access for what the Cattle were worth.

Out of 47000 people who were asked if they would agree to a Badger Cull, 95% said no. The Badger is an important part of our wildlife and should never be Culled, unless it was a threat to our lives.

Janet, joining a Local Badger Group will give you the opportunity to get involved in Badgers and let you know what part you can be involved in, if a Cull does go ahead. If significant numbers of people lobby their local MP’s they will realise what the people feel about the Culling of the Badgers and make representation to Hilary Benn the Minister for The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, or you could all write to him yourself.

Elsie, There are eleven Sheep, the one that died was not one of the group that you can see on the webcams.