I have always had a knack of putting my foot…

October 9, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I have always had a knack of putting my foot in it at the wrong time. I suppose you would say that I would not be the most diplomatic person you would know. I managed to do it again Sunday last week, to a very nice couple who came for a weeks holiday. The Gentleman came for fishing, the lady for a break and a little Horse riding. Although I am do not particularly like fishing, it is a fact that we need to offer different activities to our Holiday Guests. We are fortunate to be able to offer fishing on our lake, as well as all the other pursuits that people can do, if and when they choose when they come to holiday at Denbury.

I always make it a point to go to the lake on the first day that anyone is fishing, to let them know the better spots to fish and what has been fished from the lake recently. There is only few rules that we have for those who Fish our lake. Always use landing nets, inexperienced Children should always be accompanied and no keep nets. I always try to explain my reasons. Inevitably sometimes they are questioned, and unfortunately in conversation I do let people know that fishing is not my favorite sport, although I really do not have any problems with other people fishing, it is a very popular sport, and most people who have fished our lakes are Wildlife enthusiasts, who let us know what Wildlife that they have seen whilst fishing. Ninety nine percent have come for the Wildlife as well as the fishing. Sometimes the conversation leads on to hunting and game shooting, of which you know well that I am against. I always let people know that I believe them to be cruel sports. And it came up in conversation with this Gentleman. Unfortunately he was a retired Gamekeeper, who looked after Game Shooting.

After reading the forum, I made it a point to get a closer look at the Badger, that a few of you have commented about on the puppy webcam. On zooming in on it, I could see that it has a nasty wound on its jowl and all under its neck. How it was caused we will never know. It could be by fighting, shooting, being caught up on wire or snare or an accident. For sure there was one youngster that was full of itself and was pushing its luck, the way it is keeping to its self, it could well be a fight in the group. If the wound doesnt get infected the Badger will probably live. If the wound does get infected it will die. A good sign is that it is eating, as long as it does, the more chance that it will live.

The Stag that I caught briefly on camera just after 6.30pm looked a different one from the one last week. I thought that he was a year or so older.

The Barn Owl Trust got the new camera working today. In the day it will be in colour, when I viewed it earlier today it is very good, so much so that on full screen it is as good as normal size, and you can see the Barn Owls in their true colour. Tonight on IR mode, it is a little to bright. It will be very easy to put right.