I have been trying to find the time to get…

February 26, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

I have been trying to find the time to get an infra-red lamp working to see the Pond next to the Lake where the Otter killed a Fish that Julia told you about on her stay a Denbury a few weeks ago. The lamp is position to see the Otter if it attempts to get a Fish. We seem to have been fortunate up to now as it seems that the Otter is only visiting the Pond now and then. I have started to put an electric fence around the Pond but if the Otter does not cause e any problems I will leave it as it is and we may see it.

We were not so fortunate a few years back when we must have had an Otter visiting who had Pups. Every morning for weeks we would find the scale of our biggest Fish on the bank where the Otter had eaten the night before. Never did find their Holt. After we started to walk the dogs around the Lake we had a lot less problems. The Otter must not have liked the Dogs scent. Although it could well have been that the Otter had taken all of the biggest Fish and wasn’t to fussed about the others.

A lot of fisheries are having to close because of the Otter problem. Lakes are very expensive to protect from Otters, unless they have a mains electric supply they need expensive fencing. We are fortunate having electric close to the Lake so we can use electric fencing that is a less costly option. The Environment Agency needs to act to help fishery owners to protect their investments or there will be a decline of Otters when owners decide to take the law into their own hand and start killing Otters. The Otter was all but extinct in a lot of Counties, but with the reintroduction there are becoming to many and they are causing problems. The reason for them nearly becoming extinct was for one reason only, that was that the Otter was killing to many Fish in the Lakes, Rivers and Streams, Fish that people would catch and eat before transport made it possible for delivery of fresh Fish to shops. Otter hunting was carried out for that reason and that caused the decline of the Otter, not pesticide killing them. It is not rocket science all you need is to read Tarka the Otter. With the protection of our Lake that I have put in, that was also to protect the wildlife we as of yet have only had a small loss of our Fish.

About eight Canada Geese where on the Lake yesterday morning. Four were pairs who had been there for a couple of Days. One pair from last year. It made the Gander let the others know that the Goose was his and I saw them mating. When the others flew off they took with them one of the Ganders, so at the moment there are just three left. It is looking promising that on pair will nest as there are no arguments as yet with the Black Swans.