I have for a while thought that the Badger who…

May 7, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I have for a while thought that the Badger who comes out to feed, even before I am over the gate, waits near the path I use to get to the Badger feeding place. After tonight I know it does. I try to go a little later every night to feed the Badger, so that I am not feeding them when it is to light. Tonight I was a little later than normal. As I got to the place where I turn off of the path, the Badger was there waiting for me. It made me stop in my path, the Badger looked at me, took little notice and ambled back to the sett, as if it was telling me I was late, and about time to.

I spoke to soon about the Rooks last night. They came down tonight, over the coming days more will descend to steal a little of the Badger feed with the Magpies. The Rooks fill their mouths with as much as five pieces of bread, to take back to the Rookery to feed their young..

I have spent a good deal of the day trying to find nests to put cameras into. There are so many Birds about on the farm you would think that they would not be difficult to find. Any that I have found are in places that it is impossible to site a camera. I have two Swallow nest that I can use, but I wont have the cable to fix them up, until Wednesday. I managed to make the equipment for the Pied Wagtails nest, but I am having second thought about putting in the hole, after I disturbed the Bird when I measured the entrance hole yesterday. I would not like for the Birds to abandon the nest because of what I am doing.

I am sorry that the second Scottish Wildlife Trust camera is still not working. The centres manager who is responsible for the cameras is not back to work until tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed. Until the camera I supplied are installed they will use another of their cameras. I believe that they have a Blue Tits nest with nine eggs, that they may use. I understand that the Pine Martin and the Red Squirrels will be shown on the camera we have supplied, when they are up and running.

When we were setting up the Osprey camera page for the site, I had a private view of the nest, one of the Osprey, I assume it was the male, returned to the nest with a large Salmon to feed the female.

I am not sure what the Fox was carrying this afternoon on camera. It seemed to have a long fluffy tail. The normal camera controller is away for repair, the one I am using is a bit jerky.

A number of you have been asking again about Woody’s condition. She has not been right again today. I will have to speak to the Veterinary again tomorrow. I did say before, that her illness could well be terminal. If it is, and we are not sure, I can assure you. Then as long as we can stop her experiencing pain, we will not take any drastic action. I will keep you updated on her condition.