I have put three new photographs on the Photo page…

January 2, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

I have put three new photographs on the Photo page. The photographs that have been sent in are running out. If you have any please send them in.

Elaine the last photograph you sent wont open. Try another way of sending it.

The first one is from Patrica the last of three photographs that she emailed to me.

The second from Elaine.

The last one from Elsie.
I thought this was so cute. It is from a card in aid of Retired Greyhounds. Elsie.

I can tell you without any hesitation, that I have had a belly full of the new Lamb. The so and so has had me on the run around all day long. I have told you many times, Sheep are more trouble than they are worth. How such a little thing can make so much noise I really don’t know. If we had sound on the Sheep you wouldn’t want to watch the webcams with the noise that the Lamb is making. Mind you if we had sound you would have to turn it off with my cussing about the Lamb. Even when the Lamb is next to the Ewe, it is bleating.

The Lamb seems quieter when it is out off the pen, and it has been out more than it has been in. Because the Lamb was being knocked about a bit, I decided to pen it and the Ewe on their own with some hurdle’s that I had lying about, I put an old pallet at the end where it had fallen out a couple of times. The bars at the bottom of the hurdle’s are close that it would stop Lambs from getting out. The only place it could get out was at the front of the pen. As it had not got out that way before I thought that I could leave it. By the time I got back to the Farm House the Lamb was out. I put a couple of boards up to stop it getting out that way again, again by the time I got indoors again it was out. I have now raised the boards a bit higher. It better not get out again.

We have left the Horses stabled for the night, not so much because of the weather, as it is not going to be freezing here tonight. But we want to see if the concoction of the Vaseline and Cayenne Pepper is stopping Willow from suckling. We put the concoction on Lady’s teats again this morning. After a couple of attempts of suckling Willow gave up because of the taste. We need to see if it is going to work. When the Horses are turned out that is not possible. Tonight we can keep an eye on them, and also put the recorder on. If when I have Lady’s camera on, and you see Willow suckling, please let me know on the Forum.

Now that it looks that Willow is going to take longer to wean, we need to get Emmi and Gypsy settled. They have been stabled in the same area since they have been here, the only turnout being the corral in front of the stables. With Emmi being laid back and kind, we have been able to let them Gypsy out with her. Emmi will put her ears back at Gypsy now and then, but nothing to serious. We have to separate them at feeding times as you can never be sure that Emmi might just give Gypsy a kick if she believed that Gypsy was a threat to her food. When Gypsy is stabled, Emmi is always looking in to her stable to check on her. Tomorrow we will give them both a little time in the main Horse field and over the coming days introduce Arnie to them. He will be alright with them. We will then try to introduce Lady and Willow. We will need to be careful as if Lady believes that Emmi may be a threat to Willow there will be a kicking session, with Emmi due to Foal, possibly within a month we really wont want that. Breeze would chase the pair of them around, again I wouldn’t want that. We will take it day by day, and I will let you know how it goes.