I have put up five new photographs You will need…

December 15, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I have put up five new photographs. You will need to scroll down the page. The first two are from Pat with her own words. The remaining three are from Liz again using her own words.

Herewith a couple of photos if you think they are suitable for the photo page. I thought the members of the forum might like to see a photo of Bobbie who we lost recently, I send a photo of him with our other dog Busby(Bobbie is the one at the back). Also another of the birds at Kew. Any idea of the breed, they are very attractive? Pat

The mouse was an opportunist feeding on the peanut holder that had blown down. As you can probably tell it let us get very close.
The 2 hedgehogs are some of the ones that visit the garden to be fed. This picture was captured from the CCTV I have set up to watch them.
Finally for now the Great Tit picture was just before chick No. 5 took flight for the first time from the nest box with a little encouragement and a meal worm from one of its parents. Liz – Scarborough (North Yorkshire)

We still have more photographs to put on the photo page that have been emailed to me. Keep them coming.

I have just had a phone call telling me that the new Horses should arrive at Denbury at about 7.30am in the morning. They were collected from the Stud at 2.30pm and will be on the overnight ferry from Ireland. Once we have quarantined the new arrivals, we will have to start weaning Willow. A couple of entries on the forum thought that Branston was Willow being weaned. Now that we have another Filly Foal it will be kinder to wean Willow with her. We needed to put Branston in a stable so that he would not rub against the new posts that we put in for the corral in front of Lady’s stable.

The Broodmare that is coming is from quite a large Stud, so she is unlikely to have a stable name. I will check, if she hasn’t, we will need to name her. What ever, we will be giving the new Filly Foal a name. I wont be able to show you the new arrivals on the webams for a week or so, but I will post some photos on the photo page tomorrow night.

Jan saw an Owl swoop down on a Vole or mouse last night. With a bit of luck it was a Rat. I have seen an Owls on a number of occasion’s catch its supper in the same place. You may have noticed that the grass is very rough in the Badger Field. I have let it become like that to encourage the Voles who like that sort of conditions. Voles are the main diet for Owls, so it is working. I would like to think that Jan was right about the Owl being a Barn Owl. But I very much doubt it. I have never seen a Barn Owl in all the time that I have been at Dendury. It was probably was a Tawney Owl. But I could be wrong. The Barn Owl Trust have put up a couple of nest boxes in the Barn that the Sheep are now in. The camera that is in the Barn, can also see the nest boxes.

I needed to put water into the Sheep’s drinking trough this evening. They seem to be drinking more than usual since they have been in the barn. We always make sure that the trough is at least half full. When we are busy it is probably is half full most of the time. A couple of the Ewes and the Ram came over for a drink when I put water in the trough. The Ram seemed to holding back a little, when he did get close to the trough after pushing his way in between the Ewes, he would not drink. I then realised that he was unable to get his mouth near the half filled trough, as his horns were to big, catching on the sides of the trough and stopping him from drinking. It was the first time that I have noticed what was happening. The only time that the Ram could have a drink was when the water was nearly to the top of the trough.