I hope that those who managed to see Bliss and…

November 11, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I hope that those who managed to see Bliss and Misty on the webcams this morning, enjoyed seeing them working. A couple of you got their names the wrong way round. Bliss is the Bay (Brown) and is Lady’s Foal, Misty is the Dark Bay (Black) out of Woody. Bliss is going exceptionally well. In all intense and purpose she is broken. She will trot in the sand school on a lunge line on a voice command. She will be trotting under saddle within a couple of days. As you noticed I was walking with Misty, she has not worked for three days because of being lame, with her bad foot, and she would still be getting a little discomfort with her foot now, so it was important to give her confidence with me walking with her. Misty is a little behind Bliss in the progress of the breaking, but only because of her bad foot, but she will be going as well as Bliss within a couple of days. As you could see, both Fillies were happy working, even with the dogs running around and very close to them. It was also very windy in the sand school whilst we were working the Fillies, with a few bits and pieces flying around, that would have made even an experienced older Horse spook. Being broken as they have will be of benefit when they finish their racing careers. They can now quickly adjust to become good riding Horses. We are very pleased with them. They are on their way to France tomorrow week. They will be worked most days next week. I don’t know what times it will be, but as long as I remember I will turn the camera on, so that hopefully you may see them.

As I was entering the barn in the Farm Yard opposite the Farm House to get the Badger food this evening, something started to squeak very close to the door. Thinking that it was a Rat very close to me, I made a hasty retreat backwards, that being a quicker way of getting out of the barn, rather than me trying to turn around. Unfortunately I forgot that I had left the generator that I had used this morning, to get the camera working, to show you Bliss and Misty in the sand school. It tripped me over backwards, I was left laying flat on my back with my legs being supported about eighteen inched higher than my body by the generator. The noise and scream that I made should have frightened what ever was close to the door, but it didn’t, and I couldn’t get up as quickly as wanted to get away from the Rat, being in the position I was. Even after the noise I had made getting myself up, I could still here what ever was in the barn. By now I had realised that it could not have been a Rat, it would have been long gone with all the noise that I had made. What ever, I still had to get the Badger food. I tentatively made my way into the barn looking into the direction of the noise that was being made, by what ever creature it was that I heard squeaking. If it had been a Rat I could well have finished up on my back again. What ever it was it must have seen me before I had seen it and I heard it scampering away under the contents of the barn. I can only think that it is the Stoat or Weasel that I saw the outline of a few days ago in the barn doorway, and that it is living or nesting in the barn. I was going to get my Lads to start clearing the rubbish out of the barn tomorrow. Believe you me, it needs it. But I would much prefer a Stoat or Weasel to be living in the barn catching the Rats, than it being tidy. I will try to get a camera and infra red lamp in the barn within a couple of days. If I see any thing on my monitor, I will put it on the webcams.