I hope when I turned the camera over that some…

July 14, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I hope when I turned the camera over, that some of you saw the Badger trying to get peanuts out of the Bird feeder. To get to where it was, it needed to climb a tree. I suppose it was about seven feet off of the ground. It would not have been over hard to climb, but I was surprised that it managed to get to the feeders. The tree fell over last year. It s old variety of apple from the old Cider Orchard that most Somerset Farms would have had to make their own cider. There are about six Apple trees on the bank where the Badger Sett is. They are very old. As the trees on the bank get old their roots get weaker and they start to slip down the bank, that is very steep, and between thirty to forty feet high from the path that you some times you see the Fox, Rabbits and Pheasants feeding below the other feeder that we show. I regularly slip from top to bottom when the ground is wet after rain.

The Badgers were out quite early tonight. A couple of this years Cubs were being a bit brave and were waiting in the open for me to put the food down. I shook the feed bags a couple of times and they ran back to the Sett. The new camera on the set did not go over to IR mode last night and I had to replace it this morning. Unfortunately I did not get the focus right. As it is a fixed camera I have to adjust the focus on at the camera. I will get it adjusted correctly for tomorrow. The position look about right, and it should allow a better view when the Badgers are playing by the sett entrance. I will get the other camera up to show the back of were the Badgers come out of the hedge. I will also try to get a microphone going.

The Badgers are increasing the size of their Sett. The bank where it is fifty feet plus in length. Most of it is the Sett. It is very steep ground that other than trees would be little use in farming. We need to watch that sett is not going to far into the field at the top of the bank. When I was fixing the new camera my feet went down a few holes that had been dug. They cant be seen when the grass is long, so we are unable to put the horses in the field unless we electric fence off all along the top of the bank where the holes are.