I managed to get the Swallows camera up this afternoon…

April 29, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I managed to get the Swallows camera up this afternoon. I will put it on now and then instead of the Blackbird camera. Not to much as the Swallows are still building their nest. Well I hope they are, the eggs will soon fall out of that sorry affair, unless they make a better job of it. I will check the nest when they start laying their eggs and let you know how many eggs they lay, that will make it more interesting.

I had a problem with the main Badger camera last night. I really don’t know why, but for for some reason I was not able to control the camera. I switched the electricity off for fifteen minute or so, on turning it back on it seemed to be working as it should. Unfortunately camera one and the valley camera are on the same electricity supply and they went off at the same time. Last nights problem with the main Badger camera could be the start of the camera breaking down completely, and it may need changing. This camera is on a high telegraph pole. As I don’t like heights I have got to find someone to change it over for me. If I knew of any one I would change it now, rather than let it breakdown completely, and then having to find someone to do the job, especially as the Badger cubs a coming out. This camera also looks over the field where the Horses are now, and in their main field that we are turning them out on, on the 1st of May.

Yes, on the 1st of May we turn the Horses out on to their main field for the summer. Because of the lack of rain there is about half the amount of grass as in recent year. The Sheep have not helped, having some of them still grazing the field, but it would not be fair to leave the Horses any longer in the paddock that they are now in. They must be cursing me in their language with all that tasty spring grass, not a few metres away. It will also save us a lot of work.

It is a bit like a rodeo when they are first turned out onto the new grass. Breeze goes absolutely loopy, racing around the field bucking and kicking her legs out. Arnie does not go quite so mad, but he still enjoys himself. I wont let Lady and Woody out at the same time, they will want to join in with the fun. Lady in her condition and Woody being unwell may just cause more problems. I am going to turn Bliss and Misty out with the other Horses a few days later. I think that I will have to let them out on their own for a few hours, as Breeze will make them go even more mad if she is with them.

I will let you know tomorrow what time I am going to let them out, as long as the main Badger Camera is working alright you will be able to see a little of the action.