I never realised how long ago that I last managed…

October 1, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

I never realised how long ago that I last managed to do a Diary. It seems just a few days ago that I sat down and wrote.

The Kingfishers have been seen a lot more this year than last. I reckon that last year we missed them as they were landing on the wire and not the branch. I will remove the branch so that the is not a choice for the camera to be trained on, although this morning a Moorhen used it for a perch. Talk about the Moorhens we have a lot more on the Lake this year than we have ever had. I have only seen one Coot probaley because the Moorhen has been taking the Coots Chicks as they have the Mallards. Just as well as it has been an exceptional year for breeding on the Lake there now being so many Mallards they are taking the Swans feed before they have a chance to eat it.

WE eventually made our hay. Not very good as it rained on it for well over a month and we have only managed to make half of what we normally would make. No good complaining for if we needed to buy it in it would cost a fortune if we were able to get any. You could reckon on paying about