I really don t know what has happened to the…

June 2, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I really don’t know what has happened to the Swallow chicks. There were three alive last night. This morning I thought that there were three, but had not seen three feed. I went and checked the nest, some of you saw my hand. There were three, but one had died. I later checked again and there was only one beak opening for food. I changed the camera over, and felt into the nest, and found another had died. Rats would not be able to get to the chicks where the nest is. It maybe that the adults have fed the chicks with some thing that killed them. I really don’t know. It could also be that they have not been getting all the feed that they needed, and after the whole day and night that they went without last Sunday caught up with them. We will never know.

It is a full Moon tonight, as last night. I had intended to put the Telescope cameras on and to track it. I did not bother to see what time it would have been visible. It actually showed above the horizon at just past 11.pm. To late for me to have left it running, as I had not tested the Telescope to make sure that it would have tracked the Moon without wandering. It is cloudy here at the moment, so unfortunately I will not be able to do anything with it tonight.

I know some of you saw the Foxes this morning feeding by the Bird feeders. When I fill the feeders in the morning, I always throw a couple of hand fulls of sunflower hearts onto the path, so that you can see the Pheasants and other wildlife, in the background of the Bird feeders. Just recently the foxes have been eating the feed. It has annoyed the Magpies, for they are pecking the Foxes brush. It wasn’t pleasing the Foxes to much either, as in between feeding they were turning to chase the Magpies away. The Magpies don’t seem to have any fear of the Foxes or Badgers.

When I go to feed the Badgers of a night, there are always a lot of Rabbit feeding along the path on the way. The older ones amble back to there burrow, the younger ones just carry on feeding as if I were not there. I have never tried it, but I am sure that could pick one up. When we walk with the dogs along the path the younger rabbit dont run off, they just move over as if letting the dogs pass. That probally why the Buzzard find it a good spot to hunt. Although it hasnt been about this week.