I seemed to have had a few broadband problems today…

November 12, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I seemed to have had a few broadband problems today. I lost my connection on one of my computers a few times and the webcams went down. They seem OK at the moment. Both SWT cameras have been off for a few days, I have phoned to try to see what the problem is, but unfortunately I have been unable to get an answer. In the Winter months the centre is closed. Peter the Manager does not go there every day. I am sure he will get the webcams going very soon.

Both Bliss and Misty were worked in the sand school today. I am sorry but I was so busy I forgot to turn the camera on, I will try to remember tomorrow, if they are worked. I didn’t see them work myself today, but I was told that they both did very well. Misty is sound now, her foot must be a lot better as there is no sign of her being lame.

Elaine, I missed the Deer the other evening, so I cant tell you what they were. I have only seen the Muntjac Deer once this year, and that was early in the Spring. This is the first year for a long time that I haven’t seen them all through the summer. I would regularly see them with a Fawn.

Elsie, I should think that most of the Ewes that are in the fenced area around the lake are in Lamb. I check them regularly to see if their udders are getting big. It look like Dolly and Minty could lamb before Christmas, but don’t hold your breath, as I have said many times before I am not a very good Sheppard. If any look as if the are going to lamb soon, I will put them in the stable that the lambs that went to Market on Saturday were in. The stable that they were in is in the same little block that we do the Foaling from, so the camera is already in place. My Lads will be mucking the stable out later this week. I thought that I may have got a phone call from the Auctioneer that were selling the Lambs, telling me that they had not sold. It wasn’t the Rare Breeds sale on Saturday as we thought, we missed read the paper, it was the previous week. The lambs were not the best that we have sold. On a Rare Breed sale there would have been no problem with them selling, but being it was a general sale I did wonder if they would sell, and I was expecting a call. What ever, the cheque that I get for them wont make me very rich. I shouldn’t think that I would get any more than a couple of pounds each for them.

ct, today I fitted a camera up in the barn that I thought that I had heard the Rat in last evening. I also put up an infra red lamp and I am watching the camera as I am typing. I should think that it is a Stoat or Weasel. If I see any animal in the barn I will put the camera on the website. I don’t know if Rats attack humans, when I see one or even think that I have heard a Rat, I don’t hang about to long for them to get the chance. I have heard like most of you, that if a Rat is cornered it will jump over what ever is cornering it, and that it has landed on what ever it was. I really cant see that, but who knows.