I shouldn t think that it will be to long…

June 14, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I shouldn’t think that it will be to long for the Swallow chicks to have fledged. The nest looks far to small for the three of them now. I think that the parents are thinking the same, as I have just seen an adult bring in some hay or straw, surly not to make the nest larger, or do they? Touch wood, at least this nest has survived. The fledglings normally return to the nest of an evening, for up to a week. Although the fledgling from one nest last year return for a bit longer. Unfortunately the place that the nest has been built, doesn’t allow a very wide angle camera view. It would have been good to have seen them returning to the nest, and perching on the wires that the nest has been built around.

The first Swallows nest that I found that was built on a electric junction box, has got 5 warm eggs in it. I should thing two of those wont hatch as they were probably left by the previous occupants. When the fledglings stop returning to the current nest, I will be able to move that camera, to show this nest. I have also found another Swallows nest in one of the barns. I put a camera up and I showed it this afternoon. I don’t think that the eggs have hatched yet. I will be able to move the camera to show a Dove nest that is in the same barn. As much as I have tried, I have been unable to find any nests, of other types of Birds.

I am not one who get to excited about global warming. Although I do believe there is a need for us all to be environmentally friendly. Recycling is necessary, as much to protect the world resources and to stop the lose of the rain forests of South America and Asia, for the sake of the creature that inhabit them. Although having rotting food in plastic tubs for two weeks, seems to me a bit of a contradiction. Surly it would be better to be rotting underground, that letting off harmful gases into the ozone layer, every time you open the tubs, to put more rotting food into them. Anyway a long way round to ask, if like here are your Blackberry bushes flowering. I have never seen so many flowers and never at this time of the year. I have never know Blackberries to be any earlier that the middle of August. I cannot imagine that they will fruit twice. A very important part of Birds diet will be missing, as they go into the Autumn.

Last night I saw fourteen Badgers on camera two. I maybe wrong, but I thought that there are a couple more smaller cubs, that were not out with the fourteen last night.

By the end of this month the Government are expected to give a decision on if there is to be two experimental areas for a Badger Cull. And it is an experiment to see if the areas show a decline in Bovine TB after a Cull. There is no evidence that Badgers are the cause of TB in Cattle. Recent evidence and the testing of TB in Cattle before they are allowed to leave a farm, only if free of TB, shows that the movement of Cattle to be the cause of Bovine TB, and that the cattle droppings spread the disease to Badgers. If the Government allows a Cull, it is understood that licences will be given to individuals who apply for the licences to shoot the Badgers. Under the Freedom of Information Act, we will be entitled to know who is licenced. The National Farmers Union, are the main instigators of pushing the Government for a Cull. They have recently had a national advertising campaign to publicise their insurance. Those wildlife enthusiasts who love wildlife and the Badgers, who are insured with the NFU, may consider alternative insurers.