I spoke to one of the Lock of the Lowe…

August 30, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I spoke to one of the Lock of the Lowe’s girls this afternoon, It seems that all of the Ospreys have now left the Lock and are on their migration. When I spoke to Peter the manager a couple of days ago, there was a male who was seemingly building a nest. He thought at first that it may have been another Male, on closer inspection with a telescope he found it to be resident Male. There was no suggestion that the nest was for this year, but it is not unheard of that one Male Osprey will have two nest going. Let see what happens when they return next year.

The Dove chicks do leave the nest when they are bigger. They tend to walk about on the ledges by the side and behind the nest. There where two, but one disappeared very shortly after they hatched. There are at least eight Dove nest going at the moment. I say eight but that count was without trying to look for them.

The Buzzard has been in the valley, but has not been landing as much as it has been. Part of the trouble is that the Ewe and its two Lambs that we have been unable to catch, have been in the valley eating the new grass that is coming up after we made the hay. We are trying to keep them out of the field, but the new grass is to tempting. We are going to try to catch them over the weekend, but what ever, the young Buzzard will get use to them.

Like Marie and Angela, I thought that the lake looked very beautiful last night, The best that I have seen it. A little eerie with the Bats flying about catching their dinner. There was a full moon last night that made it such a picture. All I hope, is that it was the Fishes eyes that we could see shining, and not any other creature that might want to eat the Fish. I believe that the Moon is full tonight. I will put the lake camera on again tonight, although the Moon will be later than last night, showing its self.

I did say that I would get the telescope working for this Moon Phase. I did try, only a few nights ago I set it all up, but when I tried to get it tracking the Moon it suddenly stopped. If it hadn’t been so heavy, big and bolted down I would have thrown it in the air. I the end I couldn’t work out what was up with it, I turned it off loosing all the setting that I had made. When I got back to the farm house I realised what had happened. The Telescope has a maximum of two or three turns clockwise, or east to west. Of course when it get to the end it stops. I sorted that problem out yesterday, meaning to reset the Telescope last night. To be honest by the time that I had finished, it was getting late, by the time I could align the telescope with the stars it would have been at least 9.30pm. Finishing would have taken another half an hour. I really did want to sit down with a glass of wine, so it got left. With the night drawing in I will be able to set it up earlier by the next Moon Phase. If I get a chance I will set it up earlier and use the Solar Telescope in the day.