I spoke today to the person who I mentioned a…

July 24, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I spoke today to the person who I mentioned a week or so ago about the Water Vole. His name is Derek Gow and has a Web site www.watervoles.com. He breeds Water Vole in Devon and has done a number of release programs around the country. We didn’t get around to speaking about a release program at Denbury, but we did discuss the possibility of setting up cameras at the location were he breeds them. Derek is initially going to send some photographs of the site to give me a idea of the possibilities.

There may also be another camera on line soon from the Barn Owl Trust. I don’t know to much about it, other than they have a number of this years chicks, that have been rescued. I will let you know about it as soon as I know more myself.

I haven’t seen the ducklings on the lake for over a week. With the camera looking at the branch where the Kingfisher perches, I would have expected to have seen them swim past there at some time. I know that most of the rats have gone from around the lake, so it looks like that I am going to have to think again about what may be killing the Ducklings and Goslings. It could well be a Stoat or Weasel. I have not seen any remains of dead fish around the lake, so I don’t think that it is Mink or Otter that is having them. But I do need to find out.

We have still got one Ewe with two Lambs running around loose. They should have gone to market with those we sent off last Saturday. As much as we have tried we cannot catch them. Some while back they were at the same farm that we had to collect the lambs from a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t catch them then. Some how they found their way back to Denbury and have been loose ever since. The Farmer who’s land is on the other side of the wood, will be be planting it with corm soon, for sure he wont want any sheep on his land then. Some how we need to catch them.

I hope you are not getting to bored with watching the branch in the water, waiting for the Kingfisher. I have fitted another camera up so that it can be seen on the dog cam, but for some reason I cannot get the focus set properly. I have been checking to see if the Kingfisher has perched on the branch today, I have not seen it as I did yesterday. I have seen it fly past the branch, so quick unless you know how fast they do fly, you would not realize that it was the Kingfisher. Got that wrong, I hope you saw it at 8.55pm just as I was writing that I hadn’t seen it all day, there it was.