I thought he was a beauty Somebody s prize bull…

May 19, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

I thought he was a beauty.Somebody’s prize bull!.He was near Sumburgh Head in the Shetland islands. Lindsay.

My favourite squirrel. Anjela,Connecticut.

Here are a couiple of photos I took the other evening. Until two days ago, I had NEVER seen a starling in our garden! On Friday evening, Chris looked out and saw a couple on the patio. Yesterday, however, there was a mini invasion of at least 12!! They took over the place! Even the local Robin was looking somewhat shocked, and he is usually quite aggressive towards visitors! I’d put out some meal worms – some dry and some rehydrated on a plate of water and within moments they’d all disappeared! It was quite amazing to watch! They were gathering up maybe six at a time in their beaks! So I put out some more, on the patio and on the bird table along with a scattering of birdseed. And they came back to scoff the lot!! I’ll just have to see whether they stay around! Julia.

Cygnets at Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset. Lisa, Eastleigh, Hants.

My Penny Farthing Planter that my Son and Daughter -in-law bought me for Christmas. Quite a talking point. Elsie.

We let the two Fillies Willow and Gypsy out into the main Horse field this afternoon. As usual with the young Horses it was like a rodeo with the pair of them bucking, tossing and generally going mad with the excitement of going out into the field after being in for the Winter. Racing about both Fillies slipped over. We saw Gypsy and it wasn’t a bad fall, but Willow went down in one of the hollows in the field and we didn’t see how she fell. From the distance that we were away from Willow, and the way we could see her head and legs rolling about, just over the top of the hollow, it looked as if she had seriously hurt herself. After over a couple of minutes she got up and the two of them started going around the field at full speed again. They eventually came back to the gate. Willow started to flail her legs out in front of her and lifting her head as if she was in a lot of discomfort. She also had a nettle rash over a lot of her body. For getting for over an hour Willow looked in a lot of discomfort. We checked her over and there was no signs of any injury. She has started to show less sign of the discomfort she had been experiencing and it could well be that it was the nettle rash that was causing the problem. She is now grazing with Gypsy and we will put Breeze and Arnie out with the Fillies at about 8.pm. I should think that Breeze will start herding the Fillies around, but they are quick enough to keep out of her way.

Touch wood the Goose and Gosling have managing to stay alive. Of a night time they spend a lot of time on the water, the Gosling staying very close to the Goose as if they are expecting danger. It could be that the Fox is on the prowl and the Goose knows it. The electric fenced off area that we have put on the near bank seems to be helping. That side of the Lake poses the worst danger area, as Fox are able to get very close to the lake in the bushes. On the far side of the Lake the stream gives a lot of protection, and with the gates we have put at right hand end, it hopefully will give the Goose and Goslings the time to get in to the water before they are attacked. The Magpies still are a danger during the daytime.

The USA Osprey webcam is working again. Unfortunately the nest is higher than where the Osprey chicks can be seen. I should think that there are chicks in the nest as the adults were sitting on the eggs before the Locks Ospreys. The Peter in Delaware had left the webcam working whilst he was away on Holiday for a week, but by all accounts there was a Hurricane in the Indian River Bay area whilst he was away. The Hurricane caused a power cut that made the computer to go off.