I was asked on the forum about my Bird Feeders…

April 18, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I was asked on the forum about my Bird Feeders being busy. They may look it, but over the last week or so they have had some of the feed still in the feeders when I fill them in the mornings, when normally they are empty. I should think that the Birds are busy nest building and some will be sitting on their eggs. I had a period in the late summer of last year, when we had very few Bird visiting the feeders, the Squirrels also disappeared, the Squirrels only returned recently. I thought that I had given the birds a bad lot of feed, and that it had killed the Birds off. If I remember correctly the feeders were very quite for a good couple of months. When they did return the Green Finches came in larger numbers than the Tits, when it was the opposite way round, before their disappearing act. When the bird did return we had a lot more Gold Finches visiting the feeders.

We have also have more Woodpeckers on the feeders this year. We have a few Green Woodpeckers on the farm, I have never seen any on the feeders as yet. We had a bird feeding on Monday that I did not recognise, I will look it up to see what it was, If any of you saw a different bird feeding, and you know what it was, please let me know. Be careful that you don’t leave any whole peanuts that the Woodpeckers may be able to get. I am told that the young bird have been known to choke on them, when fed by their parents.

On the Farm Cam 1, in the position when you can see the Squirrel feeder, as well as the Bird feeders, very often feeding below are Pheasants. They wait for the Birds on the feeders to drop seed. I cannot show them as there is a large amount of bramble to clear, that is obstructing the camera view. It is a very busy area, there are always Rabbits that you can see in the background.

Another question on the forum today, asked about seeing the Otters. There would be a good chance of seeing them if I had the time to move the Lake camera. We could also see the Geese sitting on her eggs on the island. One pair have nested on the island. I cant make out why the other pair are hanging about, If I had the time I would secure a pallet on the lake for them to nest on, for I am sure they would.

I hope that I have not offended you Ladies concerning the chat. The entry on the forum was right, it was taking away part of the forums idea. I liked the banter and the information you were giving. If you cut it down, I am sure you will not get any more negative entries. I am sure that interesting subjects concerning pets and ideas would be welcome by all.

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