ing from number six there are five new photographs on…

September 28, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

ing from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo Page from Judy.

A few more photos for the Gallery Mr Farmer,

Thieves Wood Nottinghamshire.

Pretty Chrysanthemum in my garden

Looks like this Pig at the Piggery had been having a lovely wallow in the mud

Butterfly I saw on my walk in Thieves Wood (Needs a name if anyone knows it)

Some more Funghi for Jordan. From Judy.

Sorry I forgot to put the new photographs on the Photo page last night.

The original Female Reindeer that went missing is still not back. She is still about, close to the Reindeer Field. She has been seen and we have seen her droppings along our drive. We are spending a lot of time looking about for her and our local radio station are still reporting that she is missing. The radio station have asked me to do a short interview about the missing Reindeer tomorrow morning. The thought of it frightens the life out of me. I couldn’t really refuse although, but I have tried to talk others into doing it for me. I have got a reputation of cussing so I have got to watch my mouth or there will be a complaint or two.

We need to make the fencing in the Reindeer Field a lot better. When the Females were delivered here a few weeks back, by the people who we got them from, we asked to make sure that the Field was secure for the Reindeer. We were told that it was. That has proved to be wrong, but we have only ourselves to blame. The far end of the Field is where we have the biggest problem and we will start to secure that tomorrow.

I have been trying to find the time to put a camera in the Reindeer Field but we have so much to do at the moment it is proving difficult. It doesn’t help that Paddy is in his rutting mood. He hasn’t been as bad as I was led to believe that he would be, but he did half heatedly attacked the front of the Quad Bike a few days back, so the is always a chance that he may not like us being in his Field installing the camera. With putting in a post, running the wires and fixing the camera it not a quick job.