It has been one of those days today and we…

June 17, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

It has been one of those days today, and we all get them, you know what needs to be done and with what you have got to do. With all the will in the world you are going to do it. And none of it gets done at all. That has been my day today.

The first thing I do in the morning is to reset the cameras from the night scenes to the daytime. Then I update the forum, an easy job you may think. Not so, glad to see all your inputs, unfortunately you are not the only people who do leave messages, there is so much advertising and links to other sites, including filth, you would not believe it. On a good day there is maybe forty or so, on a bad, so many that I need to phone my data base and get them to delete the rubbish. Some times as many tens of the same material are put on, probably in annoyance that I don’t approve them. This morning was a good day, ten lots of rubbish and just one from the regulars, informing me that there was a Heron on the sacks floating in the lake, waiting for its breakfast. Did I run to frighten it of, not the first thing that you want to be doing before feeding the Horses and a cup of coffee, especially as I reckon it must be a good two hundred metres from the farmhouse to the lake. Best part about it is that it has been back four times, and I have had to run to the lake every time. Believe me, I hate that Heron. I have tried putting Scarecrows to frighten it off. Like a fool I even went a purchased a plastic Heron when we first put fish into the lake. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that they keep Herons away, they don’t.

Later in the morning a strange car came down the drive. I am always careful when people ask are you Mr so and so, by the dirt on the car and the two dogs in the back, the women driver could well be a Farmer or a Horse person. Who’s asking I enquired. Don’t be so aggressive she told me, I am only try to help you out, and she was. I didn’t think that I was coming over as being aggressive, and I told her so. But my expression made her think I was. Have you got Sheep? she enquired, here we go I thought, with green ear tags? what have they been up to now. Well they are Mr so and sos field. Who the women was, I don’t know, she was nothing to do with the farm where she told me the sheep were. How she knew that they were mine I cant imagine.

Once you know that the Sheep are in someones field you need to find them. The women told me that there was a Ewe and two Lambs, the ones that we hadn’t managed to catch. I was surprised, as they were running with the Lambs who can squeeze through the bars of the pen. Most of the time the Ewe would be lying next to the pen, but I just couldn’t catch her. The women told me roughly where they were, but it still took me an hour to find them. How the women had seen them, other than on horse back I cant imagine, the lane goes no where that you would even take a Landrover. I started to walk toward them, and they legged it into a wood. That was enough for me. I went and spoke to the farmer who’s fields they were in, and apologise. He obviously had not told the women. To say the least I am a little baffled.

I didn’t manage to get the other Badger camera up, that I wanted to. Although I did strim an area near the new camera, it has made it easier to see the Badgers tonight. Only one person commented on it on the forum. I quite liked it, but there is a minor problem tonight that was not happening last night with the picture seemingly being a little out of focus. It could be the nettle in the fore ground.