It has been raining on and off for two days…

April 24, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

It has been raining on and off for two days, not very heavy, I suppose you could call it longish showers, for sure it is not enough. We really need a lot more prolonged rain, to penetrate the soil. I sound like a glutton for punishment. Believe me I am not, I would much rather be working in the dry.

A couple on the forum want to do the foal watch next year, if only. I turned the alarm off in my sleep again last night. When I woke and realised it was just one big panic. We had to go to town today, I suddenly realised that we had been away for more than two hours, half of what needed doing got left. One big rush to get back to the farm, only to see Lady munching.

Last year one lady phoned in the middle of the night to tell me that Lady had started to foal. I had actually turned the clock off in my sleep, my mother had also fallen to sleep, so we didn’t know. I wasn’t really very nice to the lady when she phoned, I believe I even told her I knew, I didn’t really. Next morning I cant remember if I phoned her or she me, I think I phoned her as she had not withheld her phone number, but I did apologise for being rude to her, and I was really pleased that she had phoned. I hope who ever you are, forgave me, and is watching this year.

The year before a lady from the USA phoned to let me know one of the Horses she thought was foaling, it was a false alarm, but she did let me know when the Horse was foaling. I am sure one of you will let me know if I am not on the screen when Lady does starts to foal. And to those who have in the past, a big thank you.

I have got to do something about the Blackbird nest camera tomorrow. The place it is in is quite dark, when it is sunny the picture is good. At the moment it is pretty dull. I fixed a light up, but I not sure that it has not made it worse, by throwing a shadow on the nest, I will think of something. Again I didn’t have time to look for more nests today, but I will try again tomorrow.

I have not finished the new Badgers Hide yet, the frame is all squared up and I should with a bit of luck get the wainey edge cladding on it tomorrow. The Badgers didn’t take any notice of it at all last night.

Pat (Herts) about the Squirrels. Check out Sundays Diary . Can any one definitely name Elsie’s tree yet. Some kind person has put a URL for a tree identifier. I was going to cheat before I put it up to let you think I was cleaver, but you already know that.