It seems that the diary is all about sheep this…

March 28, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

It seems that the diary is all about sheep this week. One of the Texel Ewes, Minty decided that she was going to lamb in a great place to watch the lambing on camera. Whilst in labour, one of last years Ram lambs tried to mount her. I went to try to catch the Ram, so that it would stop bothering the Ewe, unfortunately when I went up the field to try to catch it, it got away. Actually it was not quite like that, I managed to grab it by the horn, I straddled across the Ram and got it laying down to get in a better position, so that I would be able to lift it on to the quad trailer. I was down on my knees still straddled over the Ram, thinking that it was calm, it suddenly got up and made a dash for it, as it did so, it lifted me up, so that my feet came off of the ground, taking me for a good few meters ride, until I fell off and finished flat on my back. It didn’t give me another chance to catch it.

During the lambing I moved the camera into a different position as the Ewe was having a little trouble lambing, the lamb was coming out in the wrong position and I needed to push it back and turn it in the correct position for delivery, it turned out to be very easy and I could have left the camera on the Ewe, but if it had gone wrong, which it can, it would not have been pleasant to watch. The Ewe had twin lambs, they are feeding and doing very well. We will have to watch out for the Fox, searching for the after birth as they did yesterday afternoon.

I went and looked around the Ewes that had not lambed yet, by the way their udders are springing, a few more will lamb over the next day or so, if poss I will show them on camera again, of course it depends if they are in view of the camera.

All the lambs that were born yesterday are doing well. The Portland had lost her lamb this morning, she was running around bleating in panic, we thought that a Fox may have got it last night. She eventually found it and has not left it all day.