It was too cloudy to put the Solar Telescope camera…

October 24, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

.It was too cloudy to put the Solar Telescope camera on today. Looking at the Sky, they will not be on tonight either. I had set the Telescope up as best as I could last night, but it was not working as it should. I was having to adjust its position constantly. The idea is that when the Telescope is aligned and had a GPS fix, you are able to select an object in the Sky on a hand controller, last night it was the Moon. By pressing a goto button, it goes automatically to the Moon and tracks it. For some reason it is not tracking as it should. The Telescope is in an Observatory, a couple of hundred yards from the Farm House. We have motorised the Observatory and with the help of a computer in the Observatory, the Telescopes computer and a lot of wiring, we are able to talk to both the computers remotely from a computer in the Farm House. This gives us full control all of the functions that the Telescope has in its computer. The Telescope has a library has over 145,000 objects stored, that you are able to makeup guided tours as well as suggested best of the night tours that can be selected. The problem with me taking that option would mean that I would be continuously having to go to the Observatory to change the lens. I will get some one to make some tours, that need only one lens for each tour. Next month Mars is a must to look at. I will find out more and hopefully with the weather being favourable, we may be able to see it on the webcams.

Of course the weather in the UK does not allow for the Telescope webcams to be on as much as i would like. Now that it is getting dark earlier, I don’t mind starting the Telescope working. In the Summer, by the time you get the Telescope working, it is time to go to bed. I wont leave it going all night until I sort out the tracking problem. If I can do it I will. I don’t like being defeated. Getting as far as we have has been a challenge. We are the first in the World doing Telescope webcams, so we have had no one to take advice from. I have just nagged Telescope House who I purchased the equipment from.

The injured Badger Cub was feeding tonight, I zoomed in on the injury to make sure that it was the one. I could see the scar. I had thought that it had got an infection in the injury and died, but it looked well alive, although its coat looked a bit dull. I should think that it has got over the worse and will live.