It will just be a short Diary tonight It has…

June 10, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

It will just be a short Diary tonight. It has been very hot and humid on the farm today. To get a little cooler we went to Minehead for Fish and Chips on the beach, and a cool breeze.. On the way back the Police diverted us on a long diversion to get back home. There must have been an accident. The road to Minehead is very windy with very few overtaking places. There is always the potential for serious accidents on the road, so we didn’t get back until late.

Last night I followed the Badgers with the camera, to slightly left of the feeding spot, where I saw the Cubs playing with the adults. I don’t know if any of you saw any of it, the picture was very dark. I had only recently taken an IR lamps down that was pointing in to the direction of that area. The Badger Cubs were really going for it, enjoying themselves and bouncing all over the place. The adults joined in. It went on for a good time, and very enjoyable to watch. So enjoyable that I did not want you to miss It, so I spent the morning putting the IR lamp back up. Hopefully it is working and in the right spot. More important, lets hope the Badger and the Cubs play in the area tonight.

The piece of equipment that I purchased from the US for the telescope, is on its way to the UK. Susan the very kind lady who it was delivered to in the US, sent it on yesterday. All going well it should be here by Friday. Although there have been a couple of clear nights, when I could have put the telescope on, I decided to wait until I knew that the setting were 100%. This piece of equipment will help me do that. When I use it I will explain what it does. I reckon a few of you will want one.

Willow seems to be the preferred name for the Filly Foal. If it does not alter by this time tomorrow. We will name her that.