Julia was concerned about the size of the Dairy Cows…

September 27, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Julia was concerned about the size of the Dairy Cows udder, that she saw. I must admit that very large udders do look uncomfortable for the Cow. The size of a Cow udder is a gradual increase as they get older and as the time that the lactation goes on. The Cow will not notice it as much as you would believe. I know at one time that the average Dairy Cow produced five to six gallons of milk a day, with many able to produce substantially more than that. I should think that the average would have increased since I was friends with a Dairy Farmer.

What I do not like about Dairy farming is that the Calves are taken from their mothers very shortly after birth. Unfortunately that is the way it is, to be able to produce the amount of milk that we use. Some Calves are left with the Cow for a couple of days, but most Calves are taken away after they have had the colostrum from the Cow. Some Farmer keep one Cow as a foster mother, that a number of Calve will feed from, Most are quickly taught to feed from a bucket of powdered milk. Some Heifer Calves are kept as followers to replace the Cows in the Dairy Herd, who get to old or become barren. Dairy Bull Calves usually finish up going to market to be sold for veal or fattened over two years or so to produce beef. It is not a very good life being any sort of Cow.

I was told by a friend that back in August a Huntsman for the Duke of Northumberland’s Percy Hunt was successfully prosecuted for interfering with a Badger Sett. By all accounts he was seen to be attacking two Setts with spades and filling the entrances with soil. He reckoned that he believed that it was Foxes Earths that he was doing it to. I wouldn’t know any one in the countryside who would make that mistake, unless they used a white stick. It was a pretty large operation, with the RSPCA, Northumberland Wildlife Trust and the Police all involved. By all accounts once he knew what evidence that would be used in court, consisting of DNA and Video and Digital evidence supplied by the North East Air Support Unit, the man decided to plead guilty. Trouble is, and it wont discourage many is that the culprit received a 9 month conditional discharge and