Just four new photographs on the Photo Page starting from…

October 11, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Just four new photographs on the Photo Page starting from number one.

Nothing stood still when I tried to take a few photographs of some of the Birds this afternoon. I took five photographs of the Pied Turkeys. I would just as well of tried to take a high speed train as they both would have looked the same as they were so out of focus.

Three of the Emu.

One of Dennis.

Our Emu Mob. Yes, that is the collective name for Emu. And believe you me that is the best name they could have. They are not at all intimidating or unkind. In fact I have no fear of them what so ever, but they do look Mob like.

Don’t know yet how many Males and Females there are. Again that is what the sexes are known as, but the intention is to let the Emu breed naturally and to incubate some of the eggs. Being that Emu come from the Southern Hemisphere they breed in our Winter time. They are starting to get into their mating season now. The Females make a drumming sound, the Males a deep grunting. We have heard the Females, so we will be able to sex them. We shall need to get a Sheep marker to mark them to be able to know what is what until the end of the breeding season when we will put leg bands on them.

Dennis, not my choice of name for our pet Turkey, I hasten to add, is a favorite with are Holiday Guests. He is so very friendly and likes to be around people. One of last weeks Guests was sitting reading a book with Dennis laid across her feet with his Silkie friends snuggled up to him. He has also learnt as Thornton to wait outside the Cottage door for a treat.