Last night we were sitting in the lounge For over…

May 18, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Last night we were sitting in the lounge. For over half an hour there was a constant buzzing Bee noise, some where in the room was a Bee, the noise wasn’t moving, so it should have been easy to find, we spent most of the half hour looking for it, it was just no where to be found. We would just have to suffer the buzzing, but it was aggravating. Ky was on the other side of the table, that was in front of the sofa we were sitting on, she was pawing at something on the floor in front of her, I realised that was where the buzzing was coming from. On looking at what she was pawing, I soon realised that it was not a Bee, but a Hornet.

Personally I don’t get to excited about Wasp, Bees or Hornets. I reckon that if you leave them alone they are not liable to hurt you. On saying that, I have been stung quite a number of times. I can understand those who do dislike them, with my fear of Rats. Although partly what frightens me of Rats, is the disease they carry and spread. Ky was fortunate not to have been stung by the Hornet, although when I got it into a glass, to put it outside, it was a bit dopey. It is the first one that I have seen this year, others have seen them over the past week or so. At night the lights attract them to the windows and they tend to bang quite hard into them. Normally when this happens they are nesting in a recess or in the roof of the farm house. I would prefer to leave them alone and try to get their comings and goings from the nest on camera. Sadly for them I am not the only one who lives in the house.

I don’t remember Hornets being about this early in the year, more like July time, I seem to remember. I could be wrong, but I have seen Bumble Bees around. I was meant to try to find where they are nesting. The best places I find to start looking is at corners and roof areas of the house, that are in front of a clear sky. Black dots are all you see of them against a clear sky, but you can then follow them to their nesting site. I didn’t look to hard today, but if it is a clear day tomorrow I may try. When I do find it, I will try to convince others to let me try to watch the nesting with a camera. It may not be that easy.

When we kept Cattle, a nest of Bees swarmed in the field that we show the Horses in. The Cattle were in the field at the time. At the farthest end of the field from the farm house, I saw a small black area that looked like a cloud, about six to eight foot above the ground, moving towards the Cattle, who were in the field. When they got close to the Cattle, the Cattle stampeded towards the gate. I reckon that the Cattle must have turned away from the gate. I don’t know for sure, as I thought it wise to get in doors away from the swarm.

Three years ago whilst eating a cake, I got stung on my tongue by a Wasp, that was inside the cake. My tongue quickly started to swell. I didn’t hang about, I was driven to the Hospital, that is a fair way from the farm. I don’t know what would have happened if had waited for an ambulance, as someone suggested, as my whole mouth and throat were swelling up. I made the person driving break the law so many times, that their driving licences would have been taken away for ever. I made them overtake on bends and go past a speed camera, at twice the speed, and worse.

By the time that I got to the Hospital I was really worrying about the problem that I was having to breath. I didn’t book into casualty, I went straight to a Doctor who was attending a patient. He understood why and attended to me straight away, I was given some sort of jab and the swelling quickly went down. Within twenty minutes I discharged myself. The Doctor did comment, that this unusual emergency made a nice change from his normal emergencies. I don’t reckon that he would have liked to been on my end of it.

Woody seems to have been a lot better over the past few days. She hasn’t been laying down as much and is a lot livelier.