Last night when I walked around the lake to make…

August 13, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

Last night when I walked around the lake to make sure that all was well two Black Swans were flying above. I reckon that they must have taken off from the Lake just before I had arrived. With a bit of luck it maybe the breeding pair that flew off just over a week ago and are coming back to to nest in the Autumn.

The new Pen is settling in well and is now being accepted by the Cob although after the hard time the Cob gave her when she arrived she is a little wary to feed with him and we are having to throw her food out to her. It will get better over time.

We started to make our hay yesterday. This year is the latest that we have ever started to make it as the weather has been so dry the grass has not grown as it has in previous years. I kept putting off making it in the hope that we would get enough rain for the grass to grow a bit more, but it never happened so I am hoping that it now stays dry so that what grass we have got will make. Already there is a shortage of hay in this part of the country and is costing more than it has for many years. I should think that we will only make 60% of what we normally make. Fortunately we have some hay from last year so we may be in a position to be able to sell some.

I still have not found the time to change the Bees into their new hive. Mind you something maybe telling me in my head to put it off. I must try to do it this weekend.

I must admit I don’t like to see Horses tethered by the road side but if they were not there is a great danger of them straying and getting hit by cars or lorries. I like to see working horses as long as they are not over worked. You do find that most people who are on the road with horses drawn caravans do look after their horses. They have to or the horses would not be able to do their work. Not having ready water is wrong especially in hot weather. It is better to have some that could be knocked over than none at all.

About a month ago whilst I was away from the farm an RSPCA inspector trespassed on Denbury after a complaint that Branston was not being looked after. The inspector trespassed around the cottages and spoke to our holiday guests who assured the inspector that the report was wrong. I phoned the inspector and asked what knowledge she had of horses. Guess what she admitted none. She said that Branston was old. He is 5 years old. I am sure it was that Branston is a grey horse that she thought he was old. Our horses are very well looked after. With the holiday guests that we have at Denbury we would soon get complaints if they were not. The RSPCA do some very good work but they seem to be always looking for easy headlines to help bring in donations.