Late night again after collecting the Geese Will do photographs…

April 7, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Late night again after collecting the Geese. Will do photographs including the Geese tomorrow.

One Family of Holiday Guests this week are from Wales. Seven altogether, five being Children. Other than the teenage Daughter all of the the other four have been helping us around the Farm. They must be enjoying it as they are getting up early to help with the mucking out and are with us for most of the day. We have needed to muck out a very dirty stable for the Geese to be housed in that we are collecting this evening. It has taken ten trailer loads of wet and very heavy muck to clear the Stable. All of the Children have helped. Mum also got stuck in. The job did take less time with the help that they all gave. The best bit being is that they all enjoyed it, especially the ride on the quad to the muck heap.

Joseph came out with a couple of funny remarks. He calls the Quad and Trailer the Poo Chariot. The best one though being that the smell of the muck cleared his nasal cavities. Every time I remember the remark I cant help but laugh. He is a funny Lad. All the Children are very good to be with. The youngest are twin Girls that I am having a little difficulty understanding their Welsh accent. The older boy Callum did work hard helping with the Stable. I reckon that they will all sleep well tonight.