Mary the red blob is a milk crate that I…

January 26, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

Mary, the red blob is a milk crate that I left up there when I was trying to get the other Badger webcam working. I will try to get it going when it warms up a bit.

It is going to be interesting if all the Emu eggs hatch. There are about a 100 in the incubators, and we have sold a good few eggs. I should think we wont have a lot of trouble selling any Chicks as they are really nice to keep. I always thought that the Reindeer was my favorite animal to keep, but I am starting to think that the inquisitive Emu is starting to take preference. The intention was to sell a few pairs, but I have now decided to fence the main Horse Field with stock proof fencing and let the Emu share the Field with the Horses. They will be a good combination for the good of the Field.

Some one asked about the Swan that went to a Sanctuary with an injury. I was told that it died. I am not convinced, with the amount of Swans they have there is no chance of me recognising it.