Our first Swallows nest that was abandoned a few weeks…

May 29, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Our first Swallows nest that was abandoned a few weeks ago, has now got residents. I saw the Swallows were going in the barn, that is being converted, On investigating I found that there were eggs in the nest. I wasn’t able to count them as the adult birds were causing a bit of a rumpus, with me being to near the nest. I will try to count them tomorrow. I will show the nest from time to time on the same page as the current Swallows nest.

Most of the morning we had a Jenny Wren chit chatting away as if something was disturbing her. I had found her nest a while back, in the same barn as the Swallows nest, that I found the eggs in today. She had managed to build her nest in between the old ceiling beams where they join together. How she managed to get in there, I don’t know. This afternoon we found why she had been making such a commotion, for just outside our door were six tiny Wren chicks, that must have fledged very shortly before. The Wrens have normally nested within inches of our house door for many years. I may have stopped them from nesting there this year, when I put a camera above the nest, although it was very lucky for the Wren, for four days ago when we opened our door in the morning, there was a large amount of nesting material on the ground. Some thing had pulled the inside of the old Wrens nest apart. It was more than likely a Magpie looking to eat the eggs or chicks.

Some of you may have seen that I had got the new IR lamp working around the lake. The lens on the lamp needs to be changed to widen the beam. The lamp will then light up more of the view. I watched it on and off for two hours or so, and managed to see two Moorhen or Coot. I should think that it will be a good watering hole for other animals in the night. The grass around the lake is thick, so I am unable to see any animal tracks. When I turn the lights out on the Swallows of a night, I will put the lake camera on.

The orange bags on the lake, are bags of barley straw. The chemicals in the straw stop the lake from forming algae. The bags are meant to be submerged, but it seems that we made a bad job of weighting them down, so that they would sink to the bottom. As some of you have noticed the Ducks are using it as an island.

Woody is having a good spell at the moment. As you have seen, she is grazing quite happily, but I am not holding my breath for her to get better. She has lost so much weight. With the feeds we give her every morning and night she should be putting on weight, rather than continuing to lose it.

I have been trying to phone the Stud where Lady and the Foal are, for most of the day, to see when they are going to bring her home. I haven’t managed to get an answer, I shall be trying again tomorrow, from the morning.