Pat and all the others who have asked Lady s…

November 15, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Pat and all the others who have asked, Lady’s pregnancy is all as it should be. Unfortunately we did see Willow feeding from her yesterday, so we will need to wean her from Lady.

We are always looking out for new wildlife sites to broadcast webcams from. Often we are asked to get involved in a project, on other occasions we contact organisation to see if will let us broadcast from their venues. There are various reasons why we are unsuccessful and are unable to broadcast from venues. Often it can be that there is little interest, others do not want a third party to be involved in their websites. The overriding reasons for not being able to broadcast is the locations and a lack of a good broadband connection. We were unable to do a Golden Eagle from Scotland because the site being so remote. We are still talking to the people I told you about earlier in the year and four other sites, two with Beavers and another with a Bird of Prey. An other that we hope we will be doing is with the Barn Owl Trust.

Today I got an email from Simon, about a site in Spain. I have copied part of the email that I received to give you the information. The are a number of problems with the site. One being a low Broadband connection, another the remoteness of the location, needing solar power and maybe wireless camera. Simon is very keen to get it going, so I am sure that if we are unable to broadcast from the site, it wont be for the want of trying. Check out his website Simon is a photographer.

Start of Simons email.
I am making a general inquiry regarding the placement of a webcam in one of several Griffon Vulture nest close to my home in Andalusia, Spain.

I am an English freelance photographer, with a strong passion for the natural world contains examples of my wildlife images, also I have stills images and 16mm film footage of Patagonian Pumas and a rare and endangered species of deer the southern Andean Huemul (hippocamelus bisulcus ) from Chile in the library in Bristol.

Since moving to Andalusia 5 years ago I have spent considerable time in the Sierr Ctrestallina close to the village of Casares. On the west side of this 4km long sierra is a year round colony of Griffon Vultures, with approximately 80 pairs nesting there. I have been photographing them soaring close to my position on the rock face and have built up considerable portfolio of them soaring close to the face as well as them coming and going from the nests and roosting spots. I have managed to locate 3 nests where I am able to get very very close and in 2 casesenter if I wished.

I believe one of these nests would provide a fantastic opportunity to place a webcam and allow the public to view the feeding of the chick in the nest by the adults. I have observed and photographed this, and have attached a number of jpegs to give you some idea of what could be seen with a camera. The very latest nest I have located allows me to sit in a perfect position looking down into the nest which is only 10ft away from my observation spot.