PM I went and checked the Sheep and they were…

October 12, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

PM, I went and checked the Sheep and they were all there. One had managed to get to the other side of the fence. I should think that was the one you may have seen. The bank is the side of the stream that runs through the farm, and is about six feet down. If one of the sheep had fallen it would have been wet.

The Sheep have made themselves a nuisance all day. Three times they have got out of the fenced area. The last time, the three Sheep that have been out for the past few weeks got together with the rest of the flock. Two of them are Ram Lambs that we could not keep in. Within an hour of putting them back with the rest of the Sheep they would be out again. We tried to catch them to put in with the youngsters, that we put into one of the stables. After a lot of chasing about we caught one of the two. With that one now in the stable the other one may stay in the fenced area. It will have to be caught in the next week, as the Livestock Markets are now open and the youngsters will be going off next week.

When I first came to live in Somerset, we rented a property whilst we were looking for a farm to purchase. We also rented twenty acres or so, to be able to purchase a few sheep to start getting my Lads interested in farming. They were only seven at the time. Every thing was new to them, just one big adventure. Breeding Ewes were very expensive at the time, around a