Rye Harbour is looking for a volunteer qualified Electrician to…

February 24, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

Rye Harbour is looking for a volunteer qualified Electrician to help get the Island camera working this year so that we can watch the Black Headed Gulls and Terns nesting. The camera stopped working last year before the nesting season. The year before was very good. Barry is capable of doing the work but as he is not qualified his Bosses have stopped him doing it. If any one in the area can help you can email Barry on barry.yates@eastsussex.gov.uk

There will be a link to our Twitter page on both Denbury Farm and Wildlife TV very soon. I will give the login info to SWT, Rye and the Barn Owl Trust so if they want they can Twitter.

I see that there is interest in Ewy. The run about she has caused us I reckon the best place for her is on a plate with mint sauce.

Last year because the Sheep were free roaming more than my neighbours appreciated we tried to get the Sheep into the Barn where they could stay until the lambed. We managed to get half of them in but Ewy didn’t like that idea and decided to have it away. Unfortunately she was in the middle of the flock and when she bolted all those behind her followed. Now we cant get near them without them all bolting. They are now more free range than they have ever been and it is causing a lot of worry with them free ranging on other peoples land. Back before Christmas we nearly got the roaming Sheep out of the Horse Field gate, once through they would have been nearly caught but it was Ewy that broke taking the rest with her. I want them in the Barn for when they are lambing that could be any time soon so I will probably have to get the person who shears them for us to bring his dog over to get them in. What ever I bet we wont get Ewy.

It is looking promising with the Canada Geese. Two days ago two pairs flew in. One was definitely last years pair. Although the two pairs just about stood each other they kept each other more or less at arms length. When I went to feed the Swans last years pair called out and swam in the hope of food. I have started to feed them now when I feed the Swans in the hope that it will encourage them to stay. None of the Geese were on the Lake this morning when I went to feed the Swans but they were when I fed tonight, and swam towards me honking in expectation.