Rye Harbour Update apologies for the failure of the tern…

July 12, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Rye Harbour Update: apologies for the failure of the tern and gull web cam, but I am still trying to determine the elusive fault. Anyway the weather has shown some improvement and some of the tern chicks have survived the attacks of the Kestrel and some of the failed terns and gulls have re-nested. So, if I can get the web cam up and running again there should be more close ups of these seabirds. Barry, Rye Harbour

We have spent a good amount of the day getting the Horses tidied for to get some photographs to put on Ownaleg.com website. I have decided to advertise four of the Race Horses in one of the racing newspapers on Saturday, for Syndication and Partnerships or for sale, to see what the response will be. I have managed to get the text for the web site finished. I will also need photographs of the Horses to show on the site. I have spent about four hours. Nearly until it was time to feed the Badgers, trying to get decent pictures with the right pose. I still haven’t got them and I will have to try again tomorrow. Trying to get any Horse to stand as you want for photographs is a challenge, but young stock is a nightmare. You don’t really want the Horses photographed on a lead rope, although I even tried that.

When we were first going to try to Syndicate some Horses I had an advertisement made. It was going to be shown on a Horse Racing television channel. When I negotiated the term the channel was freeview and had a large audience, with very little waning it went to a subscription channel. The audience sharply dropped, making the advertising not viable. I have a copy of the add on DVD and hope that it can be shown on the Ownaleg website.

The Swallows in the first nest that we have been showing looks like the nestling will fledge very soon. I saw five chicks in the nest yesterday. It is a bit crowded, but a least they look like they are going to make it. The nest at the top of the roof, in the barn had four chicks yesterday. I could be wrong, but I have only counted three this evening. One may be hiding itself behind another of the chicks. I got that wrong I have just seen five when I changed the camera over to IR mode. It is the first time that I have seen the five in the nest. They should be leaving the nest very soon, a little later than the other nest. It is still not to late for other Swallows to be nesting. I will look over the weekend. The way both of the camera are situated we should be able to see them in the barns when they return for a week or so after they have fledged.