Saturday evening when I went to feed the Swans and…

July 12, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

Saturday evening when I went to feed the Swans and Geese one of the Swans was missing as were five of the Geese. I can only assume that when the Geese flew off of the Lake the Swan followed. I had not seen the Geese practicing flying this year as much as they did last year so I was just a little surprised that they had gone. The one remaining Gosling was being given a hard time by the two remaining Swans, so much so that I thought that it may well have flown off as well. The Swans and the Geese did settle down by last night and the Gosling had started to get quite close to the Swans without being chased away.

This morning when I went to feed the three they were still on their own. About 8.15 am when I checked the webcams there were five Geese swimming around. It looks as if one of the Goslings that flew away has not returned with them. Just before the four Geese that had returned flew off of the Lake taking with the Gosling that had been left behind, It was as if and I should think for the short time that the Geese were here that those that returned this morning had come to collect the Gosling that had been left behind. We will never know what happened to the Gosling that did not return this morning but there is a good chance that it is where ever the Geese are going to. As last year they may all return later in the year. It was really satisfying that all of this year Goslings flew off of the Lake. I was surprised that the Geese nested at all with me introducing the Swans to the Lake this year, but the Swans helped the Geese to be confident of us and came to be fed every time that we fed the Swans. Hopefully they will return to nest next year.

Unfortunately the Swan that flew away with the Geese did not return with them this morning. I have not given up all hope that it will return as I believe it was the Swan that had paired with the Female. Going by the Swans size it looks very much as if there is now a pair of Swans. It may well be that the one that flew off was a male. I still intend to get another Female this week as I know the one that is on the Lake can fly. It could well be that she flies away too.

The Fish Photo page that is on Denbury Farm is very easy to load with photographs and very less time consuming. If the forum is used I will restart the Photo page.