Sheep can be really stupid I have probably said that…

October 21, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Sheep can be really stupid, I have probably said that a few time before. We have six Sheep in a stable, four we are going to take to Market and two Portland Ewe Lambs we intended to keep. I would like to see them out, but they have broken out before and I don’t want the job of trying to have to catch them again. When I went to feed them this morning one of the Portland Ewe Lambs had managed to drown its self in their water trough. Some how it had got stuck under the partition that the water trough has in the middle. I cant imagine why it should want to get int the trough in the first place. The trough is very low to the ground, making it very easy for the Sheep to drink from. That’s Sheep for you. I will be taking them to Market next week.

We still have a Ewe running free around the Farm from when we caught them early in the Summer. We managed to catch her two lambs about a month back, but she is really doesn’t want to get caught. She tends to hang about near the Horses, the way she is starting to act i think that she may believe that she is a Horse. When we get the Horses in for their morning and evening feeds she follows them in up to the field gate. When she see me she runs away, just now and then she might make a dash past me, only to find that she my get caught again. The Ewe is so fast you would think that she is a Greyhound in disguise.

Tonight it was my intention to go up to the observatory, to try once again to setup the Telescope. Late this afternoon the sky was reasonably clear, a little cloud that would mask a lot of the stars. making it easier for me to identify those that I needed to align the Telescope. When I went to feed the Badgers there were no stars to be seen at all. The Moon was only visible through a haze. For the past two nights it has been very clear, maybe a little to clear for me to accurately identify, as on clear nights at Denbury we are able to see every thing possible that the naked eye is able to see, and I wasn’t going to miss the Rugby either. That is why the Telescope webcams would be good. When I had the Telescope on last year and earlier this, we showed the Moon. With the powerful main Telescope, we were able to see all of the craters etc, but as it was not aligned correctly I was constantly having to go to the computer in another room to adjust it remotely, that was a pain after working all day, to be up and down all night. I am now able to watch the Telescope webcams in our lounge, on our 40 inch monitor TV that has picture in picture, with a Laptop I am then able to adjust the Telescope if it wanders a little. That wont be so bad. Then the only trouble with the setup that we have made, will be to open the Observatory hatch when we put the Telescope on, and close it when we shut it down. I will be prepared to pay for a new observatory once I get every thing working properly, so that the opening and closing the Observatory can also be done remotely. As soon as we get a clear night I will try to set it up again.

Elaine it is nothing personnel, but I do not publicise other webcams. Other that those that I choose or are very exceptional. The reason is that when ever I have requested others to publicise ours, the response has always been negative.
We try to keep the Horses out for as long as we can. We always rug all of our Horses at night. Most Thoroughbred Horse are fine coated and need to be kept warm. Breeze the Arab feels the cold badly, when it gets very cold she also has a hood. We wont have them out in the wet and cold, then they are stabled.

Sue, I haven’t seen the injured Badger for a few days now and I only counted thirteen last night. There is a good chance that it has not survived.

Alex the Fox are about, you can sometimes see one on the valley camera.