Some of you may have noticed that the Barn Owl…

March 5, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

Some of you may have noticed that the Barn Owl nest cam has sound. As soon as the Owls have laid their eggs we could see them in colour.

It was a bit of a surprise seeing a Lamb this morning, more so as I only mentioned in Tuesdays Diary that I did not expect any until Easter time. It was Thornton’s Sister who gave birth. The Lamb has the same markings as Thornton when he was born having a brown ring around his neck. I am sure Vicky will have a photograph of Thornton with the same marking. When she reads this she will send it in and I will take a photograph tomorrow and do a full page of new photographs including Thornton.

Ramsden nearly finished up the same way as our last Ram (Ramsden) did. We found him being mauled by Branston this morning. If we did not see him doing it when we did the Ram would have been dead. Branston had him on the ground and was stamping on him. After we got Branston away it took Ramsden a while to get up and he didn’t look to good. Eventually he managed to walk but he has hurt on of his back legs. Nothing to serious but giving him a limp. It must be something to do with Rams that Brandston does not like for we not realise that he must have killed our last Ram. The Ram is being a bit of a pain by getting out of the penned area by jumping over the top of the gates. He is getting very good at getting out. First he was head butting a tied up gate and breaking the hay ties that it was tied with. Not an easy thing to do. We used a much stronger cord to tie the gate, but that only made him more determined to get out and when the cord didn’t break over the gate he jumped. We raised the gates but he just jumped higher. He is back in the pen tonight. I shouldn’t think he will be able to jump much tonight.

The Canada Geese are on the Lake more than they are not, so it is looking promising. Our domestic Geese have started to lay so the Canada cant be far from laying.