Sorry no Diary tonight But there are five new photographs…

December 22, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Sorry no Diary tonight. But there are five new photographs on the Photo Page. Scroll down, starting from the sixth one.

What a good idea of Elsie’s to post photos of our gardens, helps to brighten up these dark winter days. I attach a photo of my back garden taken through our side gate this summer. You can see our little Poppy in the foreground. Down the far end we have a little raised pond with a stream and fountain, has to be raised to stop Busby leaping in!!….Pat

Hello Mr. Farmer,
Sorry, but I hope you’ll indulge me with this one!!
Elsie mentioned about using the forum photos to make a Charity Calendar, and I thought I’d let you know about the Christmas cards I’ve sent for the past couple of years. What I do is choose from photos I’ve taken each month and then make a postcard from them. Attached is last year’s card, the only difference being that the descriptions of the pictures was on the reverse of the card. I make a donation to different charities each year and the whole value goes straight to the chosen charity as I’ve covered the cost of production myself! The charities also benefit from the fact that I make a bigger donation than I would normally spend on bought cards!! Also, as they are made in postcard form there is less paper used! I hope you like this idea!

A Highland cattle in the New Forest Hampshire/

You wanted some festive photos Mr. Farmer. Here are a couple. The first is our Christmas tree. There are 400 lights on it! I hope if one of them goes it does not take them all out! It will be a job trying to find out which one has gone! The other was taken some years ago of our dear departed Bobbie wearing his Christmas paper hat! Pat