Sorry no photographs as we are still having problems uploading…

November 2, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Sorry no photographs as we are still having problems uploading them again. We have tried using a different program but that is so slow that it times out before the photographs upload.

I noticed Vicky and her Mum who are here on Holiday for the next three weeks looking out of their cottage window earlier today, they told me that they were looking at the Buzzard soaring above. On looking I could see that it was above the Badger Field, I had noticed them for the past week hunting above the Field. It can only be that they have seen the Squirrels using the Squirrel feeder that they have been using for about the same time that we have seen the Buzzards above. We do have more Squirrels than we would really want but we don’t really want the Buzzards having the Squirrel that we are preparing the obstacle course for dinner. We will need to think of a way of protecting the Squirrels. The best refuge is for the feeder to be under a tree as are the Bird feeders around the Lake positioned, but the Squirrels would only need to jump from the trees to the feeder to get the peanuts avoiding the obstacle course. We cant put a cover above the feeder as we wont be able to see the Squirrels feeding. I will have to give it some thought.

I saw part of a program on the television a day or so ago about Squirrel being caught to be eaten. They were put in a sack and dispatched, I know that one of the dictionary meaning for dispatch is to kill but they only use the word to try to make the audience feel better, as they believe it is not such a severe word as kill. The thought of eating Squirrels makes me feel ill. They are rats with a bushy tail. I can look at Squirrels where I cant rats but there is not a lot of difference. There is an advert on the television for a supermarket with a chicken dish. We are told by the presenter that the Chickens are reared to RSPCA standards. I bet the Chickens don’t think that.