Sorry that the Denbury Farm Web cams have been on…

July 1, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Sorry that the Denbury Farm Web cams have been on and off today. We are just finishing off tidying the system up, to make some workspace available in the kitchen.

There are five Swallow chicks in the nest. With that many mouths to feed, with this wet weather it could be that the chicks are not having all of the feed that they need. I should think that was the main reason that the chicks in the first nest that we showed, did not survive. The weather is still not looking good and there will be little for the Adults to catch on the wing.

I caught sight of the Ducklings today, they were swimming in between the reeds so I was unable to count how many there were.

This weather is making more work on the farm than we normally do in the summer. Most of the time the Horses are out in the field during the summer. With the weather as it is, it is not fair to leave them out in continuous rain, when they are use to being stabled. For the past two night we have let Bliss and Misty come in for shelter. We let the Horses bring themselves in at feed time. The two fillies could not believe their luck following all the other Horses in. But when they are in we have to muck out the stable. The flood went into all of the stables, that made it necessary to clear the whole lot of the bedding out of every one.

We have still got Breeze fenced off on her own, as we really do not trust her not to be bossy with the other Horses. One of the other Horses has knocking down the electric fence. I didn’t realise that there was a bad on connection on the fencer. Bliss , Misty and Willow have been walking across the wire when it is on the ground, and going in with Breeze. Breeze although the fence is down will not cross the wire, she has probably had a little sting from a fencer in the past. The youngsters, although they have had a little sting have not experienced electric fencer for very long and forget about the consequences of touching the wire. When the youngsters are in with Breeze she is really good with them, but I know she will start her old tricks if I let her in with all the Horses. Lady and Woody will not go any where near an electric fence.

Woody is still loosing a lot of weight. She did look as if she was putting a little weight on, but it was only for a week or so. Although she looks unwell, she is not in any pain. The idea was to let her have a nice summer before we made a final decisions. Having a nice bit of heat on her back would have made her feel a lot better, it is not working out like that with this continuous rain.