Sorry that the Osprey web cam has not been working…

May 22, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Sorry that the Osprey web cam has not been working for most of the day. The worse part about it was that at 12.30am in the morning the second egg hatched. I had checked at about 12.15am, before I went to bed, that all the cameras were working, it was working fine then. I must of just missed the hatching. The problem of the camera not working has been a lesson to me. One of the telephone sockets at the Lock of the Lowes centre did not have a micro filter on it. That is the box that you are supplied with, when you go onto broadband, it fits into your telephone socket that you then plug your phone and computer socket into. I knew that they were important, but this was on a telephone extension. It has been rectified now and the picture is a good as before.

I went to bed later than I wanted to last night. When I checked the cameras before going to bed a few of the Badgers were out. One that looked like a Sow was playing with a cub. The Cub was having great fun trying to get the other who were out to play with it. After seeing one cub out last night I am sure that two of the Sows had Cubs this year. The one we have been seeing for the past few weeks must be a single. The other two Cubs that I have seen in the past week, must be a younger set of twins of another Sow, as I am sure that they look smaller. Hopefully all three will show themselves at the same time.

Some of you saw a Bird of Prey on the bird feeder this afternoon and this evening. It was a Buzzard. I should think that it was a female, the male would be a fair bit larger. I would guess that it was waiting for a Rat or Rabbit for dinner. There are a lot of both in that area. Rats wait for the seeds to fall from the feeders as the Birds feed, and there are always Rabbits that can be seen in the back ground of the feeders. When I walk up to refill the feeders or feed the Badgers, there are always six or more along the path.

We went this morning to a couple of the wildlife sites that are owned by The Somerset Wildlife Trust, to see if there were any locations for web cams, hoping that we could incorporate the Starling Roost during the Winter months with other wildlife in the other seasons. At both of the sites of the Trust, that we visited, it would have been difficult to install the cameras, although for wildlife enthusiasts they are excellent sites to visit. We did enjoy our short time there, and have promised ourselves a few hours there later in the Summer. We were told of another possibility, of another organisation that have wildlife sites in the area of Westhay, that may have the facilities to host a web cam, so that we would be able to broadcast the Starling Roost. On our way to the site we asked a local, who told us that the site we were going, would be a good position to view the roost. The person who we met who seemed to be in charge, denied that it was a good site to view the roost, when I questioned him on the possibility, he told us that a web cam would not be allowed at any place in the area because he would not allow it. What a shame. I will try as best I can to show a roost this winter. If I don’t succeed or you want to see it live, Westhay in Somerset is a good location, not far from junction 23 on the M5.

Congratulation to all who use the forum. Today the forum past the thousandth entry. Thank you all for supporting it. There has not been time to get a fun forum going yet. I will get it up and running very soon. It was nice to see the 25th anniversary greeting on the forum this morning, I am sure that there would be no objections to this type, similar entries.