Starting from number eight there are eight new photographs on…

December 15, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eight there are eight new photographs on the Photo Page.

I got that one wrong. There have been sent a lot of photographs today that will last for about a week.

Pelicans in Green Park.London. Janice (Leeds)

Here’s Dartmouth on a lovely summer day! We have a holiday home in Brixham, we love Dartmouth. Janice of Leeds

Roses – Hyde Park London May 2008. Janice (Leeds)

Atmospheric Glencoe. Janice of Leeds

Slapton towards Torcross. Devon. Janice (Leeds)

Slapton Nature Reserve. Devon. Roll on summer days again! Janice of Leeds

Ladybird poppies at Coleton Fishacre Garden. Janice of Leeds

The house at Coleton Fishacre.Devon
Janice of Leeds

First of all the good news. Arnie is much better today. Not completely right but he is eating well and he is a lot perkier. I can only guess but it could be that hew slipped over or even rolled that caused a strain in his abdomen. The problem was in that area by the way that Arnie was stretching his rear legs.

Now the bad new. Padfoot died this afternoon. I was going to mention in last nights Diary that we had seen him scouring on Saturday, he was eating well but had lost some weight. Some weight loss would not have been unexpected after the rutting season, but he was not putting any weight on now that it was finished. I was going to call the Veterinary in this morning to give him a blood test, but I decided first to phone Cricket St Thomas Zoo from where Padfoot came from to ask a few questions. There remaining Reindeer were also scouring badly and were being treated by their Veterinary. They had also had two Reindeer die over the past months. One before we collected Padfoot and one after.

I collected antibiotic and multivitamin from the Veterinary, that we injected him with at about 1.0pm. At when I went to feed the Reindeer Padfoot was down and taking his last breath.

I had seen him as did Karen on the webcam walking about this afternoon, so to find him dieing really was a shock. We are going to take him to Bristol Veterinary College in the morning for a postmortem, that we hope will tell us what Padfoot died from. We are concerned for our three Female Reindeer after learning of the same trouble with the Reindeer at the Zoo. The only comfort is that Padfoot was scouring a while back and the Females have not had any problems yet. We are hoping for the best.