Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

September 14, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.



Something from a horror movie? Lake Placid New York BETTY CANADA

Lower part of waterfall at gorge near Lake Placid, New York BETTY CANADA

Walkway by the gorge near Lake Placid New York BETTY CANADA

We are waiting for a website page from the Hotel that the Northern Light webcam is coming from. As soon as we have it we will put the webcam on. It wont be much longer. There is not a lot to see on the webcam other than a large open plain with mountains in the very far distance. But we are getting a very good picture from Iceland.

I don’t know if Tawney Owl will show itself tonight. It was perched on top of the Barn Owl
aviary last night. When I moved the webam onto the aviary after the Badger had had their feed it was perched looking into the the aviary. The Barn Owl were as surprised as the Tawney was of having the intruders on its patch.

This years Badger Cubs are waiting every night for their food to arrive. They seem to be a lot braver than those of earlier years. I going to have to stop them as they are even coming very close to me when I am putting the food down. We need to stop them believing that humans are friendly or they will get themselves into trouble.

The work around the Lake to stop the erosion is nearly finished. Because of the wet, work had to stop as the machinery was making a mess of the ground and walking around the Lake was uncomfortable.

The injured Swan is still having treatment at the sanctuary. It looks as if she will be there for quite a long time before she is fully recovered.

We still have not managed to make our hay. The damp ground is making the hay take a long time to dry. The cold nights are leaving a lot of dew on the drying hay in the morning, so that needs to dry off as well as the moisture in the grass. On checking it this afternoon it may be ready to bale tomorrow.

Thornton is still wanting to be a Sheep. When we see him with the other Sheep we give them some feed. The Dogs always go and see him and make a fuss of him as if they have missed him. When the other Sheep start to move away Thornton seems to be torn to what way to go. He looks at us then the Sheep, then looks again and some time again not knowing what way to go, finally he follows the Sheep. We are not sure if being a Sheep is going to be permanent. The weather is very good so he may decide that being a Sheep is not to good when it starts raining.