Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

September 24, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Have you guessed yet that lupins are my favourite flower BETTY CANADA

More lupins BETTY CANADA

Yet more lupins BETTY CANADA

Yes I even managed to grow 3 little bluebells May 09 BETTY CANADA

Miniature standard lilac May 09 BETTY CANADA

The Barn Owls are being released this evening. I would think that it will be about 7.10pm The Owls will be encouraged into their box inside the mobile aviary with a piece of sponge put into the hole with a string attached to the sponge leading to the outside of the aviary. This to stop the Owls from panicking whilst the top of the mobile aviary is lifted up. When the top is lifted the sponge will be removed by pulling the string allowing the Owls to find their way out of the aviary. They should return to the mobile aviary for a few days. Hopefully they will find a barn that they will roost in over the Winter. There is a chance that they may stay close to Denbury, but they may make a home further away. I have put a larger infra-red lamp up this afternoon, so hopefully we should be able to see more.