Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

October 1, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Flowers from our garden in Canada BETTY CANADA

Yes wo do have morris dancers and yes they do go to the pub straight after BETTY CANADA

Our latest fire truck! BETTY CANADA
Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Mounties at our July 1st Canada Day parade BETTY CANADA

The Male cardinal, one of the joys of winter BETTY CANADA

The Barn Owls have stopped eating the food that we have been putting in the mobile aviary. We have not seen or heard them returning, so it could be that they have found some where safe to stay. They could be returning to the aviary and we have missed them or they may have flown to a different area. In a week or so I will check around our Farm building to see if I can find any sign of them at Denbury.

I keep trying to find the time to clear a view from the camera to the bird feeder that some of you have asked to be put on the webcam. The view is being stopped by brambles. I normally cut them back with a strimmer, but the two that I have are not working that well and wont do the job. I will need to break them down with a stick as soon as I get the time.

The Sheep are being a nuisance again. The seed potatoes in our neighbours field on the other side of the Wood have been harvested, so they have decided to go back to the field as it is being sown with a new crop. The Farm is not best pleased with me. We have managed to get twelve of them into one of the Barns but the rest are being a bit elusive. Ewy is not helping as every time we try to move them into the direction of the Barn she is the first to start running in the opposite direction causing the rest to follow. As soon as we can pen them all in the Barn I will wean the Lambs from the Ewes and send the Lambs to market. With a lot of the Sheep in the Barn, Thornton has started to be a Dog again. He has for the past few days been coming into the Farm House every night.

The price of cereals have halved from what they were last year. See if the Supermarkets and Bakers reduce the price of bread. I bet not. All animal feed including pet food will have cereal in them so they should also go down in price. Your breakfast cereals will cost a lot less to produce. With the wet summer most root crops will have grown well. Potatoes would have done particularly well. By rights food should start to be less. Let see if it happens.