Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

October 9, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Mouse article sent in by Elsie.

Attached is a photo of my friends’ dog, Jess, after being fitted with the wheels that enabled her to run about again after her legs and lower spine no longer worked. She had to drag herself around in the house, but once strapped into the cart would run like the wind!! Sadly she passed away a few months ago – and is sadly missed…. Jill.

Barn owl with vole. Janette

Moss – the European Eagle Owl. We thought he looked like a samurai warrior! Janette

Our Emu numbers increased to 19 today, and will increase again tomorrow to 29. It is nice to have them at Denbury, but the circumstances that we have acquired them is sad. They have come from Cricket St Thomas Wildlife Park that is disposing of many of their animals to make way for Gardens that will now be landscaped into most of the Parks animal enclosures.

It is very sad for the staff, some employed at the Park for many years, some well over 20 who are being made redundant. It is going to be hard for them. Any redundancy is difficult, but for those I know who have been looking after the animals for 20 years plus I can see their hurt in knowing that the animals that they have cared for and bred are leaving the Park and they will not see them again. I can imagine their pain as they are putting the animals into the transport lorries, for they are all very caring about the animals they look after.

A lot of the animals are on their way to Yorkshire to another Zoo where they will be given a new home. Others are going to other Zoos and Wildlife Parks. I am getting the Emu and four breeding Rhea that we will breed.

The Emu that we have collected are all very friendly and have settled in much better than we had imagined. It has helped with us being very close to the Park. The journey has been under an hour, causing them very little stress.

I did manage to get a kick in the side from one as I was trying to get them out of the trailer, it didn’t hurt to much, just a bit of a shock. Another of the Emu nearly took root to the trailer. It managed to get out of the trailer, but seemed to decide that it liked the trailer better that the field, getting in and out of the trailer so many times that we lost count after ten.

Our four Rhea will be collected next week. We have got to decide where we are going to let them live.