Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

October 30, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

The first being a photograph I got from the Internet of Bagot Goats.

The other four from Lynne.

We have five new addition arriving at Denbury over the next few days. They are Bagot Goats. I nearly had a few Angora ten years ago, but I changed my mind at the last moment after being told of their eating every thing in sight. But after careful consideration we have decided to have a small breeding herd of the Bagot from Cricket St Thomas. Unfortunately although they are pure bred they do not come with pedigrees, but how could I say no to such attractive Goats. Our Holiday Guest will like them and they will be good to see on the webcam, even better if we manage to gets any Kids.

The Goats are going to be put in the same Paddock as the Rhea, and the new Chicken breeding pens we are putting in. I will then put a webcam in that will look over the Paddock and the main Horse Field. The new Paddock will be quite busy.

We moved our Pied Turkeys into a new pen in the Rhea Field on Wednesday. They have been in a stable since they arrived. The outside pen is small at the moment, but new panels to make it larger are on order and should arrive next that will make the pen a very good size for when they are laying eggs, after which we will let them free range over the Rhea Paddock.

I spoke to the Ranga Hotel this evening about letting us know when the Northern Lights are showing. They will as long as they are not busy. Last night was a good night, but the moon was very bright which made them hard to see.