Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

November 15, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Getting short of photographs.

Emu egg. Vicky.

Fred taking a snooze. Karen Stoke

Julia sent this photo in some time back, it has always fascinated me i came across it today and thought i would post it again for the new comers to see if they have any thing like it… I do remember our dear Robin saying something negative about it which tickled me its because he hasn`t got one lol you know what hes like ladies. Karen Stoke

I caught this back in the summer and I thought that I had just had to take a picture using the on board camera. Regards Michael Chadd (Hampshire , Surrey and Berkshire Border)

Owl, Lynne.

We got our fist Emu egg today, it is the one that Vicky photographed. When I went to feed them I decided to have a quick check around the field to make sure that the fencing was secure and to look at one of the Emu that had been on its own for the past week. Checking in a corner to make sure that it was not tucked away I found the Egg.

I checked the Field a couple of days ago and the Emu that had been on its own was at the top of the Field sitting on its own whilst the other were eating. I made it get up and another of the Emu decided to have a go at it. I believe that the Emu is getting bullied so I chased the one having a go. but it decided top turn on me. I must admit I was a little surprised as they have been very placid since they have been here. It stopped after a few minutes. Since the encounter the Emu that has been on its own has started to mix with the others.

I think that I may have seen a very faint Northern Lights last night. I will check with the Hotel tomorrow.