Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

December 8, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Sting Ray Hull Aquarium, Betty Canada

I believe this is a puffer fish, Hull Aquarium. Betty Canada

Feeding frenzy, Hull Aquarium. Betty Canada

Large Angel fish, Hull aquarium. Betty Canada

Wall of haberdashery store, beamish. Betty Canada

For over a week we have been concreting a large area of our Farm Yard. It has meant keeping the Chicken, Geese and Dennis in some days when the concrete was being laid. Yesterday and today were the main two days and to make sure that the concrete was not trod on we kept the Horses stabled just in case although unlikely they got out.

Although the weather has been crap with the rain we have been getting, the rain had not spoilt the concrete until this morning when it absolutely poured down and it spoilt a few areas. There was not a lot we could do about it as the the area was to large to lean over and smooth it off. We went in for a quick drink and on returning there were a long line of what looked like Dove prints. Worse still I went to feed the Emu and the Peacock passed me on the drive. I wasn’t that concerned as the Peacock always goes the same way on his way home, stopping by the Chicken houses where he finds the Chicken feed. Not today, when I got back to the concrete he had walked all over it. I couldn’t believe my eyes at seeing his foot prints in the still wet concrete.

This morning Thornton also stepped on yesterdays laid concrete leaving just one footprint. He is not going to be very happy tonight as we have shut him in the Barn next to the other Sheep just in case it happens again.

We put 20 Emu eggs in the incubator last night. We found that the Emu had laid another 4 eggs by Monday after collecting them on Saturday. The Temperature of 36.5c and the humidity level was good for nearly 24 hours so we decided to take a chance as we were unsure of the age of all of the eggs. The quicker we got them in the incubator the better it would be. Now we will have to wait 55 days to see how many will hatch. We will try to candle them in a couple of weeks time. Trouble is the eggs are very dark and the candle lamp we now have is not strong enough to see inside the eggs. When we kept Ostriches I made a candler for those eggs as small candlers did not work. I reckon I will need to make another with a very strong halogen bulb to have any chance of checking the eggs.

Barbara in a cold South Staffs, At this time of the year the Badger don’t feed a much as they do at other times. They live on their fat built up over the rest of the year. Also with the rain we have been getting the ground is very soft, making it easy for the Badgers to dig the ground for their favorite food of worms. I saw some Badgers spread over the night feeding on the bread and peanuts. If we get bad frosts for prolonged periods the Badgers will start feeding more on the bread and peanuts.