Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

January 10, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

A few days ago I saw a lonely Wagtail in the garden – quite sad, they’re always in flocks!!
Today we had about 10-12 Fieldfares in the garden, also a couple of Redwings although I didn’t get any good pics of them! Julia

It got a lot warmer here today. Still very cold but in some areas near the buildings we even had a little melting. A lot different than we were told only last night that there was going to be steady snow all day. Pity John Hirst the top man at the Met Office wasn’t told. He was on Sky News this afternoon trying to explain what went wrong with the mild winter that was promised. We didn’t really say that he told us, but our five day forecasts are very reliable. Crap, the five day are nearly the worse after the 24 hour forecast that they change after looking out of the window and realising it is not what they had forecast the night before. I think I told you what our forecaster said to me when I rang the BBC Bristol weather office manned by a Richard Angwin who is employed by the Met Office. I complained that he had forecast a dry day the evening before the the day I had rang and it was pouring down. Had I refreshed the page he asked, as I have changed the forecast in the last hour. Unreal.

We have been feeding the Emu, Rhea and Swans three times a day with the weather being as cold as it is. The extra food will help them generate more body heat. The Birds seem to be a lot more mobile since. They have been a worry. I know that they acclimatise but seeing them sat outside in the cold is a concern when they originate from Australia. The Emu feathers deflect the suns heat so I hope that they are also good protection against the cold. The feathers are also unique. Two feathers branch out from one quill. If I remember I will put a photograph of one on the Photo Page.

Mick asked about the new Lake. Unfortunately it has not been started. I must admit I am getting concerned that it wont be ready for when the Geese return. The Swans wont chase the Geese away, but the Geese if they do try to stay on the Lake may harass the Swans. Black Swans are the only Swans that will live amicably together in the breeding season. The Geese we have had on the Lake are the complete opposite. I maybe wrong and the Geese will take no notice of the Swans.